Daniel Kaslovsky

Ph.D., Applied Mathematics

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Non-Asymptotic Analysis of Tangent Space Perturbation
Kaslovsky, D.N. and Meyer, F.G.
Information and Inference: a Journal of the IMA. Vol. 3, No. 2 (2014) 134-187.
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Age-Related Changes in Slow Wave Activity Rise Time and NREM Sleep EEG With and Without Zolpidem in Healthy Young and Older Adults
Chinoy, E.D., Frey, D.J., Kaslovsky, D.N., Meyer, F.G., and Wright Jr., K.P.
Sleep Medicine. Vol. 15, No. 9 (2014) 1037-1045.
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Overcoming Noise, Avoiding Curvature: Optimal Scale Selection for Tangent Plane Recovery
Kaslovsky, D.N. and Meyer, F.G.
Proc. IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop. (2012) 892-895.
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Noise Corruption of Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its Effect on Instantaneous Frequency
Kaslovsky, D.N. and Meyer, F.G.
Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis. Vol. 2, No. 3 (2010) 373-396.
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Ph.D. Thesis: Geometric Sparsity in High Dimension
Kaslovsky, D.N. (2012)